Yehuda Nir’s “Lost Childhood” commemorated on his 80th Birthday

Lost Childhood book cover

Yehuda Nir as a boy on the cover of his memoir "The Lost Childhood"

Dr. Yehuda Nir, Holocaust survivor and author of the memoir “The Lost Childhood”, celebrated his 80th birthday last week amongst a crowd of friends and family.  Nir’s tragic childhood remembrance inspired librettist Mary Azrael and composer Janice Hamer to create the operatic version of “Lost Childhood”– a riveting full-length performance based on Yehuda Nir’s plight, and conversations with Gottfried Wagner (great-grandson of Richard Wagner).  American Opera Projects commissioned the opera in 2001, and has nurtured its development throughout the following years.  AOP presented a staged workshop of the opera for the first time  on July 29,2007, to rave reviews.

Selections of “The Lost Childhood” were performed in honor of Yehuda’s 80th birthday at The Box on Chrystie Street.  Nearly one hundred of Yehuda Nir’s admirers and close friends were said to be in attendance.  AOP for its own part, delighted at participating in the celebrations and sharing of a great operatic work.

Read the full Huffington Post article here.

2 Responses to Yehuda Nir’s “Lost Childhood” commemorated on his 80th Birthday

  1. Wow,
    I am about 1/3 way through his book. We must always value these eye witnesses of history. Ed, I would just love to meet him too. I have always wondered “what would I have done?” in the face of a world gone mad. I witnessed the results of war as a nurse in Vietnam, but my world was much more secure than Mr. Nir’s.
    Shalom to you. You are a REAL rock star, not the MoMo’s out there with gadgets pasted to their heads. Thank you for sharing your all too graphic and detailed accounts–remembering names and details–better than documentary film. I refuse to give up the medium of books and reading.

  2. Ed says:

    would be amazing to meet him

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