Anna Rabinowitz, Wonder Poet

“A storm careens from the east
and acid rains make vegetation cower.
Asphodel, rose, columbine
Lie down among dandelions…”

Violence, desire, and destruction.  And so writes AOP favorite Anna Rabinowitz, whose latest poetry book “Present Tense”, published by Omnidawn, was named by Anis Shivani in The Huffington Post as one of The 17 Most Important Poetry Books of Fall 2010. Stating that “Rabinowitz does apocalypse so well I can’t get enough of it,” Shivani goes on to point out themes of barbarism vs. civilization that emerge in Rabinowitz’s latest work, explaining that she has “the audacity to recognize how battered we have become by the inextricable link between desire and destruction.”

In addition to her literary fame, Rabinowitz is no stranger to American Opera Projects, after having her second book Darkling made into an AOP opera, with her third book The Wanton Sublime currently in development as a monodrama with music by Tarik O’Regan.

Anna, your high school English teacher would be proud.

(“Notes: Coercive Counterintelligence Interrogation of Resistant Sources”)

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