Putting the Chambers in Chamber Opera

Soprano Kirsten Chambers slams the door for Nora on Oct 2 at the Kaplan Penthouse

AOP is happy to announce that soprano Kirsten Chambers will perform the role of Ibsen’s heroine Nora in the Felsenfeld-Eno monodrama, Nora, In the Great Outdoors on October 2 at Kaplan Penthouse, 4pm and 7:30pm. And she will be put through her dramatic paces by none other than her husband Keith Chambers who will conduct the performances. Seems Nora can never escape controlling husbands.

Using an icy climate crossed with a fragile-yet-eruptive emotional state of mind as musical grist, Nora, In the Great Outdoors is a take on the ending of Ibsen’s seminal “A Doll’s House,” especially its famous final stage direction, the first collaboration between composer Daniel Felsenfeld and playwright Will Eno. The monodrama takes over immediately where Ibsen leaves off, when the heroine abandons her family, her marriage her security, and perhaps the most famous slammed door in the history of drama. The work is commissioned by AOP as part of its Monodrama program.

A studio recording of Nora was held last month in Yonkers with Caroline Worra in the title role.

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  1. […] Projects, Nora, In the Great Outdoors, is a monodrama for soprano and piano trio and will star Kirsten Chambers in the title role. Keith Chambers conducts. Share this:FacebookTwitterDiggStumbleUponLike […]

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