C&V’s Vivian Fung wins “Canadian Grammy”

April 30, 2013


On Saturday, April 20, Edmonton-born Vivian Fung (Composers & Voice 2003-04) received the prestigious Juno Award for classical composition of the year for her Violin Concerto. Her fellow nominees for the award included Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings film soundtrack) and R. Murray Schafer (Canadian poet and composer).

“I didn’t expect it, I didn’t even have it on my mind,” Fung said to The Edmonton Journal. “I saw all the names on the lists and thought, these are all esteemed luminaries in the Canadian scene and I’m a young upstart.”

Fung’s Violin Concerto was inspired by her recent tour in Bali with her gamelan ensemble. Kristin Lee, the concerto’s soloist on Fung’s album “Dreamscapes”, accompanied Fung to Bali.

Read the article in The Edmonton Journal

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