Henry’s Wife, March 2011

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Composed by Randall Eng
Libretto by Alexis Bernier

Concert Reading of Opera – Act II
STAGE DIRECTION: David Herskovits
PERFORMANCES BY: Nicholas Connolly, Allyson Herman, Meghan Picerno, and Thomas Wazelle
PIANO: Scott Rednour and Mila Henry

March 20, 2011
The Great Room at South Oxford Space
138 South Oxford St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217


One Response to Henry’s Wife, March 2011

  1. anonymous says:

    I could not connect the story synopsis printed in the program with the action happening on the stage. The only thing I gathered was which character was which. I couldn’t understand the pronunciation, and because of this, couldn’t piece together the story by listening to the words being sung, which the poetic libretto didn’t help with. I couldn’t make an opinion about the opera excerpt, because the story was lost on me, and, imagine, most of the audience as well. If you had printed a synopsis of the action as it happens on the stage, we as an audience would have been able to make an assessment of this new work of art. It was a frustrating 30 minutes.

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