Judgment of Midas – Jan 2011

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JUDGMENT OF MIDAS – January 10 & 12, 2011

Concert workshop of the opera-in-progress
Composed by Kamran Ince
Libretto by Miriam Seidel
Performances by Lynn Trepel Caglar, Matthew Morgan, Jason Papowitz, Philip Horst, Mikhail Svetlov and Gregory Gerbrandt.
Also featuring Margaret O’Connell, Melissa Collom, Heather Michele Meyer, Hannah Fuerst, Brandon Snook, Adam Cromer, Nathan Baer and Matthew Yohn.
J. David Jackson, conductor
Mila Henry, piano
Omar Faruk Tekbilek, guest artist

Monday, January 10 – 8:00 p.m.
South Oxford Space, 138 South Oxford St., Brooklyn, NY 11217
Wednesday, January 12 – 8:00 p.m.
Bruno Walter Auditorium, 111 Amsterdam Ave. @ the NY Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, New York, NY


7 Responses to Judgment of Midas – Jan 2011

  1. Attila Gullu says:

    I truly enjoyed the opera, the music, libretto and the performances of the artists. Can not wait to see the full version in NYC and in situ; in Sardes or Ephesus.

  2. It was an honor to be in the audience for this performance and I agree with the other posts that the pianist was phenomenal. I look forward to hearing the piece again with the turkish instruments. I really enjoyed the female choir and perhaps some portions could be be sung in turkish to provide an exotic, mystical effect.

  3. HLD says:

    Hello all! I saw the workshop last year and again, I think the dramatic conflict is not enough. here, two musicians get moved by music, and the woman wants it to be more sensual = Not compelling. Make it two writers who are on a vacation to get out of their comfort zone. Or two truck drivers for that matter. And make the PAn/Apollo question deeper; instead of order vs. chaos, make it more personal: individual freedom vs. the common good. Make the lyrics to the gods songs not just be about hyacinths but about real philosophy that the mortals are forced to grapple with. The music is good but the themes need to be deeper to support it.

  4. Marilyn O'Connell says:

    The pianist was amazing!
    Was disappointed that the instruments so painstakingly talked about and used in the beginning were not used in the reading.
    The opera was long and too repetitive.
    The performer playing Midas/Melik had many vocal issues inconsistent with the calibre of the other singers. Question his casting.
    The chorus was excellent!
    Though Franny is a mezzo, think of changing her keys so we could hear the full bloom of her voice. She seemed to be buried in low notes.
    All in all, an interesting evening!

  5. G Nevin says:

    The opera was repetitive, way too long and annoying.
    The composition and libretto were weak and displayed more kitsch than humor.
    Every other line seemed to vocally peak which eventually became booring.
    The singers made a valiant effort to best perform this piece, but the star of the show was your pianist who stayed focused and carried the ensemble through this horrible composition.

  6. Liz Keefe says:

    I thought all of the singers were superb including the pianist. Kudos to everyone ! I thought the opera itself was a bit long and repetitive. However, it is a very interesting premise with eclectic musical ideas but it needs to be shortened. I lvoe the idea of incorporating Turkish instruments.

  7. B Porzak says:

    The pianist Mila Henry was superb!
    The music was good, but, of course, it would have been best judged with the Turkish instruments.
    The libretto was banal.
    Hannah Fuerst would have been better as Franny.
    Svetlov was good.
    Melik must be replaced.

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