Numinous City, November 16th , 2011

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by Pete M. Wyer

Performance Wednesday, November 16th at 7pm at the Rubin Museum of Art

Starring: Sara Heaton, Jessica Miller-Rauch, and Michael Krzankowski

With: Erica Moon and Clint Okayama

Also Featuring:

Joshua Bouchard, Samantha Britt, Lynsey Buckelew, Matthew Curran,

Erin Kemp, Michelle Kennedy, Molly Mustonen, Doug Purcell, Caleb Stokes

Conducted by Mark Shapiro

Directed by Matt Gray

Piano by Jeanne Minette-Cilliers


2 Responses to Numinous City, November 16th , 2011

  1. Anonymous says:

    Overall, I thought it was very successful. My only substantive musical observation was that spirit world beginning was too dissonant. Unless it was purely intentional and meant to include the demonic aspects of Tibetan spirit world…but my inclination would be to have a beautiful chanting sort of beginning, which might represent the contemplative or communal state. It was a tough beginning, one virtue of that being that it lowered the audience’s harmonic expectations so that one grabbed after melody and harmony. Still, it was a difficult entrance to the piece. I liked the whole structure, and moving back and forth in time. It clearly worked, which is a huge achievement.

  2. anonymous says:

    First of all, and most basically, it compelled my interest and attention. The narrative thread seemed clear to me. I thought John [Shafer]’s questions in the intermission were overly defensive on that point, since I found it very clear. We both thought the staging worked marvelously. The mute characters represented by the singers worked just great, to the point that I think I would like it better that way than a standard operatic production format.

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