Alvin Singleton receives grant to develop new work with AOP

July 10, 2008
Composer Alvin Singleton

Composer Alvin Singleton

AOP is proud to announce that Meet the Composer has awarded AOP and composer Alvin Singleton a “Creative Connections” grant for Singleton’s participation in the development and outreach programming of a newly commissioned work. The work, a dramatic oratorio for chamber orchestra and chorus with a commissioned text by author Patricia Hampl, is about the 100 year-old Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn. The commission has been paid by The Fort Greene Park Conservancy, with funds raised through a consortium of organizations, city, state and private donations.

AOP will partner with these organizations to develop the work, building national and community awareness about the subject in advance of the November 2008 rededication of the Monument.

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